It started with our Mother. "You're bored?" she asked, "Well, write me a story."  Naturally, we grew to love a good story. We love good food & we love to entertain.

We have grown from captivating our living room audiences with our passionate reenacting of life experiences over a gourmet meal to creating content for the web and screen. 

Our imagination inspires us to share stories that matter to us and entertain you all at once. Providing entertainment that you enjoy and that our family can  truly be proud of, is at the core of our purpose. 

We come from a long line of mesmerizing storytellers - gifted with the ability to transport anyone to another place with words and imagery.  

We are honored to continue this tradition in the way we've always dreamed about.

Two little girls from Miami who spent hours in the bathtub dreaming and creating new worlds to explore have evolved into the best of sister-friends with a unique perspective and grand stories to tell.